Creative solutions to affordable healthcare


Prolepha Research B.V. offers a diverse and rapidly growing portfolio of generic prescription medication in the Netherlands. We apply innovative approaches to help patients in the Netherlands gain access to high-quality and affordable prescription medication. We actively contribute to keeping the costs of medicine expenditures affordable in the Netherlands.


Prolepha regularly introduces new interesting products to the Dutch market. We continuously expand our portfolio and thus offer patients access to an ever broader package of affordable medicines.

Business development

Prolepha Research B.V. is one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands. In order to keep pace with this growth, we are constantly looking for new business opportunities. We are always interested to enter into new partnerships.


Prolepha Research B.V. offers a broad portfolio of generic prescription medication for a diverse range of therapeutic indication areas. Our portfolio is constantly changing. We regularly add affordable new medicines to our range. This contributes to keeping medicine expenditures affordable and to the availability of medicines on the Dutch market.