Prolepha Research B.V. is an independent, privately held Dutch pharmaceutical company, located near Breda in The Netherlands.

We bring to the market a diverse and rapidly growing portfolio of prescription medication, with a strong focus on the patient’s interests. We investigate and apply innovative approaches to help patients in the Netherlands have access to high-quality and affordable prescription medication.

We contribute to keeping the costs of medication expenditures in the Netherlands affordable by agreeing with the Dutch health insurance companies on a fair price for medicines. This ultimately benefits the patient.

We have an extensive network with pharmacists, wholesalers and health insurance companies. We have access to a large network of renowned national and international pharmaceutical producers and product developers where Prolepha sources and procures its products. We aim for efficient use of natural resources and want to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products. The labor conditions of all staff involved in the production of our medicines are also of great importance to us. We take this into account in the contracts we conclude with our partners and the compliance monitoring with them.