Prolepha Research B.V. is one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands. In order to continue this growth in the future, we are always looking for new business opportunities.

We would like to discuss with potential partners the possibilities to conclude distribution agreements for existing or future marketing authorizations, in which we ensure the careful distribution of the products within the Netherlands and the full spectrum of activities related to that.

We continually search for interesting molecules to in-license in combination with a supply agreement for the finished product, with the aim of bringing the relevant medication to the Dutch market as a marketing authorization holder. We invite product developers and manufacturers to approach us to discuss the possibilities.

We are interested to discuss possibilities for product (co-)development with the ultimate goal of bringing interesting generic medicines to the Dutch market as marketing authorization holder. We warmly invite developers to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

In order to be able and to be allowed to perform our activities, we are in possession of a Dutch manufacturing license, a wholesale & distribution license and an opium exemption.